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Cell: 060 626 6066

Contact: Regardt Bothma

Address: 1 Marina Drive, Marina Beach

GPS: S30°56.022 E30°17.771

Hours: Mon - Fri: 12h00 to 1600 & Evening Bookings
Saturday: 12h00 to 1600 & Evening Bookings
Sunday: 12h00 to 1600

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Get to know The Frying Dutchman Seafood Deck –

you will be back!


Our menu is simple, we specialise in two things only – Seafood and great Service.

Food Preparation

Our food preparation takes place in an open plan kitchen which allows you the opportunity to see how your food is prepared where we aim to –

  • use only the freshest ingredients
  • prepare and serve seafood with the utmost passion
  • revive an old classic,  ‘fish and chips’
  • topped with our personal touch of flair and flavour

all to be enjoyed at affordable prices.

Location and Setting

The Frying Dutchman is a nature lover’s delight !

Our restaurant is surrounded by nature and built as a rustic wooden cabin with an extended deck next to, and overlooking the most beautiful pond which attracts an abundance of bird life.  This setting is not only peaceful and tranquil, but creates and unforgettable ambiance and dining experience – day and night.

The beautiful background music complements an already perfect setting and meal.

Home made specialities

We make our own mayonnaise, tomato sauce and Iced Tea which has become an all time favourite.

Liquor License

We are currently awaiting our liquor license and you are therefore welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages.  We will be happy to provide you with Ice and glasses as you require.

Function Venue

This is a perfect function venue which is versatile and different.  Enquire with Regardt.


For bookings and more information, contact Reghardt on 060 626 6066.

Trading Hours

Out of Season 

Tuesday to Sunday 12h00 to 16h00.  Evening bookings are essential.

In Season  (Easter and December holiday season)  

Monday to Sunday 12h00 to 16h00   and   18h00 to 22h00.

Although we would like to accommodate all our patrons, we would recommend bookings during our In Season period please as we would like to ensure that we can “Fry Up a Storm” for you to enjoy!

We can’t wait to serve you with excellent food, topped with passion and flavour, at an affordable price –

You bring the company!


Happy customers