Pure Venom Reptile Park


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Cell: 082 965 0932

Address: Izotsha Road, Shelly Beach

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The Largest Collection of Indigenous and Exotic Reptiles in Africa

Set on one of Izotsha’s oldest and most beautiful estates just 10 minutes inland from Shelly Centre, Pure Venom’s collection of indigenous and exotic reptiles are dwarfed by massive serpentine Wild Olive trees dating from the late 1800’s when they  were first planted.

Which reptile park have you been to that houses

  • the largest variation of rattlesnakes outside of America
  • displays 5 different species of crocodile
  • allows you to watch the mating and courtship rituals of Gaboon Vipers, Boomslang and Mambas
  • has managed to breed highly threatened Giant Sungazer Lizards (Cordylus giganteus) despite their reputation of not breeding easily in captivity

Progressive, spectacular, informative and always expanding, this is one of the hidden jewels of the South Coast.

Did you know

  • snakes smell with their tongues
  • egg-eating snakes have teeth in their necks
  • male snakes have 2 penises, called “hemipenes”
  • mole snakes can have up to 95 babies
  • snake venom is made up of proteins

Educational talks in Zulu, English and Afrikaans.

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