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Cell: 072 585 1447

Contact: Molishnie Lakhan

Address: 399 Marine Drive, Uvongo 4275

Hours: Mon - Fri: Wed-Fri 12h00 - 19h00
Saturday: 10h00-16h00
Sunday: 10h00-16h00

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Welcome to MSL Spa

MSL Spa stimulates your senses for relaxation, rejuvenation and indulgence.

Come for the service and stay for the hospitality.

Well located

Our location provides a little oasis from a daily busy lifestyle whilst our environment allows you to unwind from all the hustle and bustle.

Join us to spoil yourself with any of our pampering services.   All packages can be tailor made to suit your preferences.

On arrival

You will be welcomed with champagne, regardless of which service was booked.

Our setting allows for you to always feel free and comfortable, where our friendly and qualified therapists aspire to make your visit most enjoyable and memorable.



A treatment that allows you to relax while your muscles release all tension and strain promoting blood circulation.  We offer different types of massages.


This technique involves the focus of pressure on knots and sore or tight muscles.

Hot Stone

This famous massage process involves elements of a Swedish massage, but includes hot basalt stones which penetrates 10 times deeper to allow for faster relief.


This is a gentle Swedish massage with gentle pressure that soothes the muscles.

Indian Head

Releases aches, pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back.


We offer a selection of body wraps that can be applied to the whole body, or to areas that require specific attention.

African extract

Firms and lifts the skin, giving a more youthful condition and leaving skin soft and supple.


This wrap detoxifies the skin, stimulates lymph drainage and aids body contouring.


Intense Slimming – reduces localised excess fat by reducing the number and volume of adipocytes and helps to increase micro-circulation whilst detoxifying the skin.


A moisturising treatment which softens the skin leaving a radiant glow.


Matis Facials – Skin – Science – Senses.

Matis facials

allow for a sensorial experience along with professional expertise, which is our top priority for all your beauty needs.

Purely prefect cleansing treatment

Ideal treatment to regularly maintain the skin and keep a fresh and clear complexion.  Your skin will look and feel cleaner, freshers, soft and healthy.

Hydration source treatment

Effectively replenishes the skin’s optimal hydration levels and protects against dehydration, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Performance correcting treatment

Ideal for improving wrinkles and fine lines leaving your skin plumped and smooth.

Radiance light treatment

This beauty treatment, lightens your complexion giving it a more unified and even appearance – natural glow.


Pampering of your hands by exfoliating, cleaning the hands and nails, removing any dead skin, shaping and treating the nails and cuticle areas correctly all of which allow for healthy hands.


Feet pampering.  We following the same process as a manicure, just more relaxing since our feet bares the daily pressures.

Foot peel

Applied to the feet to remove dead skin and is ideal for hard skin, calluses or corns.

Paraffin wax

Applied to maintain healthy skin or to treat dry and cracked hands and feet leaving the hand and feet feeling soft and smooth.


There are shower facilitates should you wish to freshen up before returning to reality.

Beauty products

We stock a full range of beauty products for your convenience which includes the Matis range of skin care, various make up and nail products.

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We look forward to welcoming you!