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Personal Fitness Trainer – with a difference

I am a qualified Personal Trainer providing –

  • tailored fitness training
  • sport specific training
  • group training sessions   and
  • nutritional planning

Training methodology

My beliefs, probably unconventional and mad methods of training, are different from other general fitness trainers.

I believe in ultimate core strength and body weight training which, has been proven over and over that it works.

Starting a Fitness Journey begins with a consultative process that covers all aspects of:

  • health
  • goals that wish to be achieved
  • objectives to be met
  • nutritional eating plans
  • motivation   and
  • support

Consultative process

I first consult with every client which is very important covering all of the above aspects, together with gaining a detailed understanding of –

  • any current or previous health issues
  • detailed short and long term goals   and
  • objectives to be met

Following input from clients, Anthropometrics measurements are taken in order to calculate and draft eating plans.  Every eating plan is customised and client specific.

Fitness Journey

Part of the Fitness Journey with me is to teach clients to be responsible and honest once they start their fitness training.

Education on meal planning is a critical factor in order to reach one’s ultimate goals.

Motivation and Support is ongoing throughout the Journey, and in turn, provides the self-confidence that one CAN and WILL reach the goals set.

My motto and message to everyone who starts a Fitness Journey with me is –

I Can, I Will – end of Story!

Talk to me – start changing your life! 

I did and YOU can!

Happy customers

I struggled with my weight all my life having tried literally everything to lose weight, without success. As the years went by, I gained more weight and eventually gave up hope to ever lose weight again – that was until I met Monya.

She was compassionate, understanding and took such a personal interest in me.

I agreed to all her terms and started my 1st training session on 2 November 2017. After the session, I thought I was going to die.

After 5 months of training, I also started karate with Monya. After one year, I have now lost 20kg and 50cm.

Monya became my trainer and my sensei, but the best part is that I made a friend that has stood by me and walked through this hard journey with me… thanks to Monya, I started to believe I can and I did!

I am continuing with my training, loving it, and will reach my ultimate goals. Thank You Monya!

(Shortened testimony of an incredible success story of a tough journey)

Amber Fadden


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