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Tel:039 314 4386

Cell: 082 978 7962

Contact: Samantha Botha

Address: Gods Acre Lot 1039, Wedge Road, Ramsgate 4285

Hours: Mon - Fri: 08h30 to 16h00
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Welcome to Assisted Home Nursing


Assisted Home Nursing (formerly Caregivers RSA) offers a 24/7 professional, personal and compassionate home-based caring for the elderly or disabled in the comfort of their own home.

Our range of services enable the elderly to retain an optimum degree of independence and dignity, thus reducing unnecessary stress for the individual and their family. Most importantly, our caregivers provide a level of companionship that prevents our customers from feeling isolated and lonely.

Who are we

We part of a Franchise group with 10 Assisted Home Nursing Franchises in South Africa and Samantha Botha is the Franchise Owner of the KZN South Coast Region.

We aim to be different to other care giving companies in that we work purely on assessed needs and your available budget.

Fees are negotiable and based on our full 2 hour assessment that we do before we offer a care plan.  Our assessment includes the:

  • mobility
  • condition
  • nutrition
  • mental and geriatric coping skills
  • medical equipment requirements  and
  • home environment

to ensure it is safe against possible falls and injuries during recovery and for optimal elderly care.

Each section is scored and given a flag of green, orange, red or blue, noting the severity of care hours needed and the system automatically notifies us of the type of carer required.  This pre-assessment is charged at R450 but is refunded to you, after 15 days care taken up with us.

We also do a progress assessment at R250 during our care treatment / or after a care plan to ensure there has been recovery / improvement and that care is not further needed, or the patient is not missing something that requires a doctor’s attention.  These assessments ensure that we have achieved our goal in that the patient returns to recovery or is in the least, coping with life on their own.

The pre-care assessment is vital not only to ensure we know how to care for you and what your needs are, but also to ensure we know whether you require a Nurse (Snr or Jnr), Caregiver or just a Companion care plan.

The assessment enables us to know more about you and your environment before we start and to prepare not only our carers, but also prepare for you at home whilst you in hospital, so that  your home environment is optimised for your recovery prior to leaving hospital. To assist you during recovery, we keep your nutrition up by offering home cooked meals once a day from a set menu rotated two weekly, as an optional choice with real South African meals at R58 per meal, delivered to your home in major centres, or on the outskirts for a nominal additional fee. For more information, please refer to section below.

What is our Aim/Mission and Values?

With medical service quality care declining, we believe that one-on-one care at home with the right carer/nurse is effective for recovery whilst in the comfort of your home.  We believe:

  • in serving you and the family to assist your recovery after operations
  • that the elderly should have the right to remain in their home until the day they pass
  • to help look after the disabled, to retain dignity and relieve stress on loved ones and on you
  • in retaining independence when you old or disabled and will assist you to keep this rightfully so
  • that there is nothing like one-on-one love and care
  • nutrition is the cornerstone to optimal recovery and during sickness we take this stress off your shoulders and will make you a meal a day, as nutrition is always the first to suffer due to immobility
  • we do not only assist you, we support your family, help look after your children and your pets when you are not able to do so.

We Value

  • innovative care
  • maintaining dignity
  • upholding privacy
  • reducing stress
  • offering a family support system
  • aim for full recovery
  • offer loving 24 hour one-on-one care
  • believe in convenience
  • help in regaining health
  • honour your right to the presence of a loving family at your side with end of life care

With our care, all of the above can be yours at different stages of your life whilst in the comfort of your own home. 

What do we do / What care is on offer

  • Post Operative Recovery including wound dressing changes, elderly care or disabled care up to 24 hours a day, we bath, feed, change diapers, attend to your hygiene and dental needs, make light meals for you, do light housework, do your washing, give medication, help with exercises for recovery, help with tasks you need done, we will take you for walks, ensure you get sun, lend a helping hand where needed and more
  • Companion care when you immobile, we take you to the doctor/shops/bank etc.
  • Child care – we will feed your kids when you not able to, ensure they do homework, bath them and put them to bed, we also help with your child’s post operative recovery or disability
  • We will look after your pets and ensure they are fed whilst you sick or recovering
  • In hospital care – we will go with you to hospital and stay by your side 24/7 if we need to
  • Home care for the elderly
  • End of Life care – we will stay by your side and help you take care of everything that would be needed for a dignified last days of a loved one’s life, we support you emotionally and will stay with the patient up to 24 hours a day, offering qualified hospital nurses for optimal care, to ensure the patient is comfortable and pain free

Carers, qualifications and criteria

We have qualified:

  • Nurses
  • Elderly / Child / Disabled trained and experienced caregivers
  • End of Life trained and experienced caregivers
  • Companions with Drivers licenses
  • Junior General Caregivers

Our carers are from all races, male and female and over the age of 30 with both certification and at least 5 years’ experience in their field.

Who do we serve

Anyone and Everyone that needs our service:

  • After an Operation when you discharged or even while you in hospital
  • After having a baby, for yourself and care for your child
  • Child care for disabled/sickly children or whilst you are ill, we care for your kids and pets
  • Parent/s when living away from you
  • Elderly who require care at home

Care Plans

4 – 5 hour day shift

9 hour day shift

12 hour day shift

12 hour night shift

24 hour shift

We are considered a medical practise as we offer nurses and is medical aid registered

What are the minimum days we offer

3 Days over a 1 week period – you can mix any hour care plans as part of your overall care plan day span.  We work solely according to a combination based on  your needs, your budget and our pre-assessment report result and the flag system.

How does the Care Plan Process get started

If you ill / had an operation / in recovery / or on treatment or needing end of life care, a pre-assessment needs to be done before designing a care plan.

Once the assessment is done, a care plan is designed during consultation with you and the correct carers are put in place.  Each patient will have 2 carers assigned to them who will work alternative 4 day shifts.

If you simply need companionship or to be driven to the shops/bank etc. you would not require an assessment, simply an interview with us.

In all cases we will meet with you whether at home, work or in hospital to carry out assessments or have interviews, after which care plans are finalised and remaining within your budget allowance is our foremost concern.

Assessment helps to prevent over expenditure as care needed was assessed prior to finalisation based on a proven flagged system for required hourly care and incorporates your and the patient’s needs, with final fine tuning within your budget perimeters.

What about the cost and how is it paid and charged

All hourly plans can be combined in a patient’s final Care Plan in any of our short term or full service care plans available.


Short Term / Full Service Care Plans are invoiced and due for payment 2 weekly in advance

5 hour day shift = R230 to R250 per day

9 hour day shift = R280 to R320 per day (Depending on type of care and carer needed)

12 hour day shift  = R300 to R350 per day (Depending on type of care and carer needed)

12 hour night shift = R330 to R380 per day (Depending on type of care and carer needed)

**24 hour shift / daily swop of carers / weekends = R560 to R810 per day (See note below)

**24 hour shift / live in 4 day carer = R480 to R730 per day (See note below)

** Choosing a live in carer that lives in for 4 days at a time and is swopped / exchanged with a 2nd carer  – will result in the 24hr fee being reduced to R565 per week day (+20% on weekend days) for a 24 hour shift.

All cases except end of live care and severe dementia cases allow for carers to have 6 hr rest time at the patient bedside from midnight to 6am – assisting with toilet duties, emergencies and medication only in this time.  End of life care and dementia cases therefore cost more as awake hours are more to care for the patient.  Fee charged also depends on the type of carer needed and the type of care plan.

Please refer to our long term Care Plans for more options.

Are the prices fixed for nursing

No… it depends on a combination of the pre-assessment outcome, your budget and the care needed for the patient, different plans can be combined to save money. Only an official assessment and consultation with open communication on budget, can achieve the perfect care plan for any patient.

What additional services do we offer

  • Home cooked meals. Traditional South African meals in a 2 week menu that is alternated twice a month (ask for our menu).   Bad fats are kept to a minimum, vegetables are included, no sugar is used and only Himalayan pink salt is used in preparation.

What is the cost / times of delivery / delivery fees

R58 delivered between 4pm and 6pm daily, 7 days a week.

Delivery to major centres outlying areas attract a small flat fee for delivery no matter on how many meals are ordered.

Delivery fees:

Margate/Ramsgate/Manaba  – R Nil

Uvongo – R20

Southbroom to Trafalgar – R30

Up to Port Edward – R50

Shelly Beach to Oslo Beach – R30

Port Shepstone to Umtentweni  – R40

Hibberdene – R50.

Ask us if we can do it and we are sure we can!

Additional contact numbers

082 978 7962  24 hour Emergency 

082 465 4089  (Chief Operating Officer)

074 061 3810  (Nursing Manager)