Birds, Biomes and Birding Spots

Grey-crowned Crane

Birds, Biomes and Birding Hotspots

The area covered by Trogons Bird Club stretches from Scottburgh to Port Edward on the KwaZulu-Natal Lower South Coast and is made up of many different biomes and beautiful sandy beaches where the diminutive white-fronted plover scampers around like wind-blown spume.

Our bird life includes species which inhabit grasslands, woodland, bushveld areas and forests, as well as those who favour wetter habitats such as freshwater, estuarine, and riverine zones. They range from raptors to seabirds and coastal varieties.

A few of our birding hot-spots include:

  • Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve
  • Lake Eland
  • Mpenjati Estuary
  • Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve
  • Ingeli Forest
  • Uvongo River Conservancy
  • Skyline Nature Reserve
  • Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary
  • Bushbuck Trail (Southbroom)
  • TC Robertson Nature Reserve  and
  • Umdoni Conservancy (Scottburgh)

Special birds in our area

The first bird includes our namesake, the Narina Trogon

This striking bird likes to sit motionless for long periods in the middle-storey of an afromontane woodland and is hard to locate if not calling, even though it is so brightly coloured.

Their colours are amazing and a photographers dream to photograph albeit somewhat difficult at times.



The Spotted Ground Thrush

This is an endangered bird, a winter visitor to our coastal forest and is quite secretive

It is most easily spotted when it is scratching for insects and snails amongst the dead leaves on the forest floor.


The red-capped Robin-Chat (formerly known as the Natal Robin)

Although common and not prized for its rarety of sighting, it is a bird which engenders much affection.

It has the characteristic friendliness of most robins and is one whose early call salutes us as we wake up in the mornings.  Its bright flash of orange acts as an antidote to any sad thoughts occupying the mind.

One of its tricks is to confuse listeners by expertly mimicking other common birds, including the Crowned Eagle!


Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird

This small black, yellow and white bird resides in local forests.

Its call is a distinctive pop-popping sound, whereby it emits three to seven pops of the same note at a time.

Its habitat is the middle and upper canopy of evergreen forests, where it excavates a small hole in the underside of a dead branch.

The diet of the Tinkerbird consists mainly of fruit and berries.



Knysna Turaco

This is another very colourful bird to be found in the cool of evergreen and riverine forests.

Its call is a coarse kow-kow-kow-kow sound, similar to, but lower pitched than the purple-crested turaco, which also favours the same habitat.

As it flies overhead, an observer might catch the red flash of colourful underwings.  It’s overall beauty is a sight everyone watches with delight.


Grey Crowned Crane

Mention of the grey crowned crane brings to mind an image of flamboyance.

This lovely bird boasts a golden crown and contrasting plumage.

It is a common resident locally and enjoys shallow wetlands.

The resounding trumpeting call when in flight, matches its bold appearance.


To find out more about Trogons Bird Club and when the next outing will take place, please refer to the blog on  or consult the local newspapers.

All are welcome!

(Thank you to the Trogons Bird Club and Xclusive Directory for sharing this article)

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